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Cheaper and quicker isn’t always best, but if you’re searching for an alternative to the Health system here in the UK, it most certainly is.

Operation France is a company offering an alternative to long waiting lists for healthcare in the UK. They can help you arrange private healthcare for Hip Replacement Surgery and Knee Replacement Surgery, with significantly reduced waiting times and a reduced cost compared to private healthcare in the UK.

At almost £2,500-3,500 cheaper than treatment in the UK and a 99.8% success rate, the numbers seem to be adding up. We spoke to company owner Hugh Phillips who told us more about what prospective patients can expect.

“Situated in the beautiful area of Abbeville, France Clinique Sainte Isabelle is perfectly located for UK visitors. It boasts two hotels within the clinic’s grounds, making it a popular choice for patients and families and friends who wish to accompany them and assist with their rehabilitation.”

The surgeon who will be dealing with your operation is Dr Phillipe Renaux. Dr Renaux is adamant all his patients must arrive stress-free and relaxed, hence why all patients are picked up from their front door and taken directly to the clinic.

If you’re tired of waiting for a knee or hip replacement here in the UK, contact Operation France on www.operation-france.com

Source:Midlands Focus