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Esther Barrett, November 2023

Operation France organised my trip extremely well and I had all the information I needed before the trip.

Hugh picked me up from my doorstep in a comfortable car and I was confident throughout that we would get to Northern France safely.

When we arrived the hospital was expecting me and I was shown to my room to settle in. I had a spotless room with my own bathroom and it was spacious and comfortable.

The staff were extremely kind and looked after me very well. After the surgery, I was visited numerous times a day by nurses and auxiliaries bringing food and medications, giving me tests or cleaning the room. The physio came every day, and the surgeon also visited several times.

I was up and about in no time thanks to this care and attention.

Hugh picked me up after a good recovery time and dropped me home with no issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Operation France and Clinique St Isabelle. I had a stress free experience and the surgery has made a huge difference to my quality of life.

Brian Probert, October 2023

I have been waiting on the NHS for over a year to have a full hip replacement. Unfortunately, I could no longer walk. I heard through a family member about surgery in France, so I thought I'd look into it. I eventually made contact with a gentleman named Hugh. Hugh was fantastic in explaining everything and the process I'd go through. After consulting with Hugh, I decided to go through with having the surgery in France.

Once all the blood tests and ECG were in place and cleared, I received a date for surgery. As soon as the payment was sent, the date was finalized. Hugh arrived at my house in his lovely Mercedes car and drove me through the Channel Tunnel to the surgery. I had arrived at the clinic two days prior to surgery. The welcome from the nurses and staff was overwhelming; they only had my best interests at heart. The surgeon, Dr Renaux, was fantastic in explaining what would happen and how I would recover. Well, the surgery went well. The physio the staff gave me helped dramatically. I was so pleased with how it went. I had to stay at the clinic for two weeks after surgery. During this time, the nurses and staff were fantastic with the aftercare was really good. When the time had come to leave, Hugh was there waiting at reception to pick me up and take me home. The journey home was great, with care taken not to discomfort me. I was happy on the journey home.

It has now been three months since surgery, and I'm so happy with my new hip. I can walk again now with the aid of one crutch. Unfortunately, I need the other hip done. When the time is right, I will go back and have it done. I highly recommend the clinic in France; it was cheaper than in the UK, and the aftercare is better. In the UK, after two days, you're sent home. Like I said, in France, I was there two weeks after surgery. It's a no-brainer in my eyes, so I highly recommend it. Anyway, good luck and all the best.

Janet Thomas, August 2023

After waiting well over 3 years on the NHS for a hip replacement, and in 24-hour pain, I heard about Operation France. I phoned Hugh, and he came to talk it over with me. I was very, VERY scared, but after talking with Hugh and being reassured, I decided to go for it. I just have to say, from being picked up at my door by Hugh and Marianne, to coming back home after 2 weeks, I was looked after every second of the journey there and back, even down to sandwiches given out on the shuttle and a scenic ride through lovely Abbeville. Hugh and Marianne are superb; you feel they are family after half an hour.

The clinic was excellent, and surgeon Doctor Philippe Renaux is a Master of his Art and easy to talk to. I had my op, and the medical care there is 100% care. I am now back at work and doing everything as normal, with no pain at all now. I took it slow and easy to recover, which I suppose took about 3 months, but now life is good again, and I can go anywhere. I am so glad I heard about Operation France. Thank you all.

Dr Sarah Andrew, February 2023

I attended Clinique Sainte Isabelle for a replacement hip operation on 27th February 2023. I was most pleased with the service provided by Hugh Phillips and Operation France. The service is absolutely door-to-door from my house in North Wales and across on EuroShuttle. Every comfort was afforded. I was quite concerned about having to pay everything up front, but I checked the Company on Companies House and my Bank reassured me this provided due diligence to their satisfaction. As it was nobody let me down in any way.

The Clinique is functional and not luxurious. It has most comfortable hospital beds, but misses some grab rails where they might be required. The Physiotherapist did order extra rails, but they did not arrive while I was there. The operating theatre and recovery area were absolutely state of the art. Doctor Renaux and his anaesthetists and team were really superb. They spoke English and everything concerning the operation was done in a most professional way. The nursing team were generally very kind and full of good humour. They did appreciate you trying a bit of French. One person saying that I spoke French well which is certainly not true at all. I got by with Google Translate and a failed ‘O’ level.

The whole place was clinically clean and great attention was paid to changing sheets each day. Strangely you do need your own towels. I took three, one hand towel and two larger ones, I could have done with another one. There was a patient laundry with dirty laundry taken in the morning and returned nicely folded in the afternoon. The only negative note was the food. I am sure the menus were designed by dietitians, but the execution of the cooking was extremely poor. Strangely, I understand food in French Hospitals is notoriously bad. We were given no menu and frequently did not know what we were eating. Breakfasts were French with baguette, jam and coffee, But I have spoken to a UK dietitian friend who notes this is a very poor breakfast for patients in hospital. We had no other hot drink offered all day, although we did have a kettle in the room. The Wifi was very intermittent although this seemed worse in the first week and improved after a few days. If you want to watch English TV you need to take a laptop with downloads on it or a VPN to watch Channel 4 live. You cannot get the BBC live on the room TV any longer.

The operation was on a Monday and I walked to the hospital entrance and the vending machine on Thursday. I walked to the next door hypermarket on the Friday. This was not liked by the ward staff although the physiotherapist was happy with us walking outside. There is a bar in the IBIS hotel on the Hospital site, but this was quite expensive and not really possible to visit at night. The hotel is happy for you to take out wine and spirits! I stayed two weeks in the Clinique which was good for recovery, although for most people I would think a week would be sufficient. Once home the local NHS walk-in clinic was happy to take out the clips and I was swimming in the local pool as soon as they were removed. I was walking 10,000 steps a day and playing croquet just 3 weeks after my operation.

In general a very positive experience.

Bethan Lewis, December 2022

From the very start of my journey to the very end I cannot speak highly enough about Mr Hugh Phillips. He guided me every step of the way and was there if I had any questions at all and was able to put my mind at ease with anything I needed help with. I was picked up at the time arranged and had a great journey out there to France. Hugh and Marian made sure I was comfortable and had made the best sandwiches to eat for our journey out there. When we arrived Hugh again led me every step of the way and took me up to the ward and my lovely en suite room. I then met with the very charismatic Dr. Renaux who answered any questions that I had regarding my THR operation. I had my operation two days after arrival and it went without a hitch and I was soon back in my room being taken care of with the lovely nurses there. The time soon went and before long Hugh and Marian were there to pick me up and take me home. The journey back the same as the journey there was great with Hugh and Marian with their knowledge of everything made it easy and pleasurable. To anybody who is thinking about doing this let me assure you that you are in the most capable hands and the nicest couple you could ever hope to meet. I would not hesitate to do it again.

Thank you Hugh and Marian

Audrey Tiesteel, November 2022

I would like to express my thanks to Operation France for a successful trip to Clinique Sainte Isabelle for my full hip replacement. I was picked up from home and had a comfortable journey to the clinic. Mr. Phillips was very kind and considerate and very good company. The clinic was very welcoming, the staff were very professional and obliging. Dr. Phillippe Renaux who performed the operation answered all queries before and after surgery. My room was clean and comfortable and the food was very good. Mr. Phillips kept in touch by phone to see if all was well. On my release I was again picked up and taken to my home.

I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone contemplating having a new hip or knee.

Apurva Underwood, February 2022

I was at first suspicious that this health package seemed too good to be true, but it was genuine.

Hugh and Marion picked me up from my home on 12 February 2022 and escorted me to the clinic in France. On the way there and back they took care of my every need.

The clinic in Abbeyville was very clean and well-equipped and my room had an en-suite toilet and sink, fridge, kettle and tv (BBC).

All pre-op tests were done and I saw the anaesthetist and surgeon, who both spoke English. The nursing staff were very attentive. I felt very confident in the whole process. For me the two weeks stay gave me time to recover.

I also enjoyed the food (but not the soup in the evenings!)

I had the advantage of speaking French but I also took books and my tablet.

I recommend this health package.

Knee Replacement Surgery, January 2022

From my initial enquiry through to the journey home, Hugh’s service was impeccable. especially as during the timescale I was due to go, Covid rules were constantly changing.

Although I had some trepidation in going, I was put at ease, both by Hugh and Marianne, and when I arrived at Abbeville, by all the staff in Sainte Isabelle Clinique, in particular the very charismatic Dr Renaux.

The standard of care in Sainte Isabelle was extremely high, in particular, I was very impressed by their hygiene protocol.

As other reviews have mentioned, a ‘translation app’ would be highly recommended if your spoken French is basic like mine!

I would highly recommend the services provided by Hugh and Operation France!

Andrew Worthing, December 2021

On December 4th 2021 I travelled out to France to have a hip replacement.

I would like to say how impressed I am with the service Hugh & his family provided with the organisation & transportation to and from the clinic.

I spent 12 days at the clinic in Abbeville which was very clean & tidy. The doctors & nurse's were excellent, very friendly & professional as were the physio therapists & cleaning staff.

Having 2 days rest before the operation & then 10 days after with the daily help of the physio therapist has helped in aiding my recovery.

I would highly recommend this service.

John Crowdy, November 2021

Having waited for NHS treatment on my hip for almost two years, and with no immediate prospect of any change any time soon, I was finally persuaded, by my wife, to go private with Operation France. From the very beginning Hugh gave me confidence that the whole operation would work like clockwork and that, perhaps more importantly, the surgery would be painless and would be carried out by highly experienced and competent professionals.

The date for departure arrived quickly enough and Hugh had me comfortably transported to Clinic Sainte Isabelle in Abbeville. On my arrival I was made welcome by friendly and helpful staff and shown to my pleasant and well appointed room. My basic French left a lot to be desired but with the smattering the nurses had, and my Franglaise we were able to communicate reasonably well. I met with Dr Renaux and the anethisist before the operation and their English was excellent and they were able to answer my questions and explain everything about the operation.

After the operation the care I received was first class. My recovery was constantly being monitored and medication to relieve pain, replace lost iron and to guard against phlebitis was administered daily. The physiotherapist with her programme of exercises soon had me up and walking with crutches, practicing on staircases and then finally walking with just one crutch. A week after my operation, Hugh, my lift home, arrived to take me home in comfort.

My whole experience of Operation France has been extremely positive. After being somewhat hesitant initially, I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. From the organization and efficiency shown by Hugh, the care and professional shown by everyone at Clinic Sainte Isabelle I have no hesitation in highly recommending the whole experience.

Chris Green, February 2020

Faced with a two year NHS wait for a new hip I contacted Hugh at Operation France just before Christmas 2019. Working towards a mid January surgery Hugh arranged the Clinic, Surgeon and Echo Cardiograph. All transport and additional accommodation was arranged and the Anaesthetist primed regarding my Implanted Cardio Defibrillator.
X-rays and meetings with the Anaesthetist and Surgeon on the Sunday with minimal invasive surgery on the Monday. Tuesday spent in ICU to balance the Defibrillator. Wednesday to Friday had Physio. Saturday, walked, albeit slowly, to McDonald's and ready for home on the Monday. Managed with one stick for several day's, driving after 3 weeks and back doing 1,500 m swims in local pool the following week.
I am more than satisfied with the successful service received with Operation France and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Val Lawrence, January 2020

Because I was permanently in so much pain with my arthritic hip and knew the NHS would not be able to help me for a very long time I decided to investigate paying privately for a total hip replacement operation. Fortunately a very good friend of mine told me about a friend of hers who had had that operation carried out in Abbeville France at the Sainte Isabelle Clinique that it had been cheaper than paying privately in the UK and even included the cost of door to door travel and two weeks stay in hospital covering full board and physiotherapy.
Being wary of any possible scammers I would not ordinarily have looked on line for this service but, in view of the recommendation from someone I knew well, I decided to research the possibility. It was probably one of the best things I've ever done.
I contacted Operation France by telephone and spoke to Hugh Phillips. There and then he was able to give me full details of the service, including the cost and also a provisional date for the operation. I did not have to make my mind up immediately but quickly decided to go ahead as I wanted to get things moving. From then on Hugh guided me through what was a very uncomplicated procedure with a health form to complete followed by one or two procedural steps. Once everything was in place Hugh kept in touch by telephone just so I knew I had not been forgotten. I did not have to pay any money whatsoever until shortly before the departure date.
Hugh and his lovely wife Marianne arrived in my area the day before departure and introduced themselves. The next day promptly at the the agreed time they came and collected me from my home for the very straightforward journey via Le Shuttle to Abbeville. On arrival at the hospital there was no need to go through the reception process and I was immediately taken to my ward and thereafter to my private en suite room. I had time to unpack and settle before I was taken for x-rays. The next day I had blood tests and saw the anaesthetist and Dr. Reneux the surgeon before the operation the following day. All this was within a little over 3 weeks of my first contact with Hugh Phillips.
The operation has been a great success and I am now totally free of pain from my hip which is almost miraculous.
The surgeon Dr. Reneux is a charismatic approachable man who came to see me before and three or four times during the first week after the opertion and was happy to answer any questions. The nursing staff are all lovely and could not have been more caring and helpful and the Physiotherapist was most encouraging. Hugh stayed in touch during my stay in hospital to ensure that I was okay which of course I was.
On the agreed return date Hugh's wife Marianne came to my room and collected me for the homeward journey which went equally smoothly, taking me right back to my front door where my family were waiting to greet me.
Hugh and Marianne are genuine lovely people who really get pleasure from seeing their clients benefiting from their treatment. They have a great sense of humour and are a joy to be with. So please, if you are in the same painful situation as I was, give Hugh Phillips a ring at Operation France and take that step towards getting your active life back. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Andrew Thalayasingam, December 2019

I am writing to say that I had a full right replacement in France this June, through “All Wales Procedure for Welsh Patients Seeking Treatment in the EEA” after being recommended to contact Operation France, Hugh Phillips by a colleague at work, whose father had a knee replacement done a few years ago. I was impressed with Hugh and after we met at my home to discuss the process etc, I was guided through the process.
He and the clinic were able to answer all my questions and also questions the health board here asked. I was sent information and carried out research myself about the clinic and surgeon who would be undertaking the procedure. The enquiries I did about clinic Sainte Isabelle & surgeon Dr Philippe Renaux proved very favourable and put my mind at rest.
Once approval was obtained, which was delayed by our local health board changing and holidays/illness of the people dealing with the application from the health board, Hugh was able to confirm an operation slot within approximately 2 weeks.
Hugh took care of all the travel arrangement, picking me up from home and transporting me comfortably by car via the channel tunnel to the clinic in France. He even provided refreshments on the journey and helped us check into the clinic.
Clinic Sainte Isabelle, Dr Philippe Renaux and the staff were fantastic. The standard of care was second to none and the facilities were great. I checked in on Monday the 24th of June, had the operation on Wednesday the 26th and was discharged on Saturday 6th of July. I had x-rays, blood tests and an ECG before the operation and the operation was undertaken with an epidural, so I was awake throughout the operation. They were extremely careful to avoid infection by using a very sterile process where the personnel in the operating theatre having special suits and breathing equipment to ensure extraction of all exhalation.
I was looked after very well, having dressing’s changes regularly, washing my legs and hips daily and fitting my special stockings daily. I was given pain relief, anti-trombosis tablets etc to aid my recovery. I was visited by the physio almost daily and given exercises to strengthen my hip. The private room and the food were excellent and there was free wi-fi, so I could use my computer and Iphone to communicate with family and watch movies etc. This was a godsend as it would have been so boring not being able to do so.
On Saturday the 6th July, Hugh arrived early and I was discharged with discharge letter, advice on exercise and what I should not do. I also was sent home with tools to remove the staples. I was instructed to contact my doctor to get the staples removed in 2 visits over the following week. I was given medication for pain relief & anti-trombosis tablets for a week. Hugh supplied a crutch for me to use during my recovery after getting back to the UK. He took me home, providing refreshments on our journey back.
I then received an invoice and any other paperwork to allow me to claim the money back from the NHS.
I would recommend both Hugh Phillips and doctor Philippe Renaux. They were professional, kept me informed, explained the procedure, recovery and how to look after myself after the operation. I am very pleased with my recovery. I would also like to praise clinic Sainte Isabelle and all their staff for their dedication and fantastic treatment.
The whole process was excellent and the cost was a lot lower than going private in the UK.

Brian Munday, November 2019

Waiting for an operation can be daunting at any time. especially hoping for an appointment with a specialist. Thankfully I was saved this trauma by contacting Hugh Phillips and thankfully the agonising wait for months / years was lifted. On meeting with Hugh any apprehension I had was dispelled by him. Hugh took details of my condition and filled in the relevant forms for the clinic to ascertain I was a suitable candidate. All I had to do was to supply a letter from my specialist that was sent to my doctor regarding my condition. Within a short time, Hugh informed me everything was acceptable and he just wanted to ensure all my passport details were up to date. All travel arrangements were efficiently arranged by Hugh - driving and crossing over to France and travel to the Clinic.
We arrived at the Clinic in the afternoon and was checked in. I had a very comfortable room with twin beds (in the event my wife had wished to travel.with me) Hugh ensured I wanted for nothing, he left for his journey home. Hugh kept in contact with me during my stay to enquire about my welfare. He showed genuine interest and concern.
The preparation for the operation was faultless and the procedure was completely painless with no discomfort experienced. I was returned to the ward and made as comfortable as possible, obviously when moving I did experience some pain but nothing excessive. Pain killers were readily on hand.The aftercare was superb ensuring pain was limited. A physiotherapist visited me after two days for simple exercise and afterwards short walks. When I could climb and descend a short flight of stairs when she was satisfied I was ready for discharge.
It takes between six to eight days when Hugh came to collect me for the journey home. Hugh made it as comfortably as he possibly could. He has become a very good friend and somebody I have the greatest respect for. I was so satisfied with this operation that I again contacted Hugh to have my other knee renewed.

Tony Duncan, November 2019

I had a hip replacement operation over 20 years ago. In 2018, the joint started to give serious mobility problems and pain. After 6 months, hospital appointments and an X-ray, I was told I needed revision surgery and that it might be another 12 months before I could have it done on the NHS. Private surgery was almost immediately available, but at a price I could not afford. By that time, I was using crutches, and a wheel chair occasionally, to get about.
Quite by chance, my wife heard about Operation France from someone who had benefited from this service. Operation France can make arrangements for orthopaedic surgery to be carried out privately in Isabelle Clinique, Abbeville, by Dr. Reynaux, who is recognised as one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in France. Your local health authority will reimburse you for what it would cost the NHS for your operation.
Operation France made all the arrangements and provided very comfortable travel arrangements to the clinic, chauffeured by Hugh. We were provided with a private room with bathroom which was thoroughly cleaned every day. The staff were friendly, professional and almost all spoke English. Physiotherapy and after care was excellent during the fortnight I was at the clinic.
On return to the UK, Hugh provided assistance in obtaining & completing the forms to submit to the local health authority in order to get paid the NHS subsidy for the treatment carried out in France. 6 months on and I can put my socks on, tie my shoe laces and run upstairs. Not bad for 82 years old. Excellent!

Pat Arnold, September 2019

I phoned my local hospital in August to see where I was on the waiting list and was told that I had another 20 weeks at least to wait and that they had not even started on last October’s list. I had already been on the list since January and this would take me up to Christmas or maybe spring as they close the theatres during the winter.
My husband said why don’t you look on the internet and find somewhere in France to get it done. I found Operation France and left a message for a call back. Hugh called me that evening and offered me a date of 14th September. What a surprise. I said yes and he arranged for me to complete the paperwork. The situation changed and we went the week before picked up from the front door and delivered back 2 weeks later.
When we arrived on the Saturday afternoon, we were greeted by English-speaking nurses. They booked me in and showed us to our room. My husband had decided to come and stay with me. We shared a double room with a toilet and shower. They also gave us a tray with a kettle, cups, tea bags biscuits and milk and turned on the fridge. There is no café on the premises, but the supermarket was just down the road and sold just about everything and my husband visited it every day and bought cakes.
On the Sunday I had my x-rays and blood test, a visit from the surgeon and anaesthetist in readiness for the operation on the Monday. The surgeon and physiotherapist came in every day after the operation. I was able to walk with 1 crutch and manage stairs when by the time I left.
The care I had was outstanding. The room was cleaned completely each morning. The food was French and more then acceptable, breakfast, 3 course lunch and small bottle of wine and 3 course dinner and small bottle of wine each was all brought to our room on trays. There is also a laundry service which we wish we had used.
I stayed 14 days and was discharged with all the paperwork needed to give to my doctor and a tool to remove the remaining staples from the wound.
If I need another operation, I would not hesitate to contact Hugh again and go to France.

August 2019

I was very angry at my Local NHS board when they told me it would be 45 weeks after my Doctors referral for a knee replacement to see a surgeon and then a potential 2 year wait on a waiting list. I had previously discovered Operation France when I needed a hip replacement but decided to go privately to a local NHS hospital mainly because of timing factors. Faced with this outrageous wait I contacted Hugh who advised me that I may be able to get funding from the NHS to offset the cost. This I did successfully after a few rounds of request for information. However Hugh had provisionally booked me a date for an operation and provided me with costing which was very attractive and reasonable and I had decided to go with it whatever the outcome of my funding application. It was a decision that rank among my better ones.
From the minute I told Hugh we would go ahead it could not have been easier. Hugh and his lovely wife Marianne collected my wife and I and drove us to France. All the arrangements were in place. There was a bed in my room for my wife to stay The clinic did all my Pre-operative checks on Sunday and I was operated on early Monday Morning by the excellent surgeon Dr Philippe Reynaux and his team. They were all in space suits to ensure extremely low infection rates The anaesthetist spoke excellent English and went to great length explaining what was about to take place. The use of minimal invasive techniques was explained which aided recovery.
The nursing staff and surgical team were excellent most having a good grasp of English. (most had a good grasp of Franglish by the time we left). The aftercare was excellent. Dr Reynaux visited most days to check on my progress. The Physio came most days to put me through exercises which meant by the time I was due to leave I could walk fairly well.
The food was very good for institutional catering. Being French it may not be to everyone’s taste but we enjoyed it especially the bottle of wine served with each meal. If you get hungry because you don’t like the food there is a great little Boulangerie across the road and if really desperate there is a McDonalds. They provided a laundry service on two days a week so there not a lot on need to take too many clothes.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Operation France and cannot praise this organisation highly enough.

Ed from London, June 2019

I had a hip replacement through Operation France in June this year. I am delighted with the results and the service Hugh provided for me.
I had been diagnosed as needing a hip replacement but the NHS waiting time was going to be very long. Fortunately I found out about Operation France from a friend who had had his hip replaced and recommended it. I contacted Hugh who could not have been more helpful. He explained the procedure and the costs and how to claim back from the NHS. I agreed to go ahead and he booked me in at very short notice on a date which suited me. He sent us various forms which we filled in and were passed to the Clinic. He then picked me and my wife up from our home, drove us to the Clinique in France where we were welcomed by the friendly staff who spoke enough English so there were no communication difficulties. We were shown to our twin-bedded room. Various tests were carried out that day and the next day, and I met the anaesthetist and the surgeon Dr Renaux. The following day I had my operation, and experienced very little pain afterwards. The physiotherapists got me making my first steps with crutches the day after the operation and returned each day to encourage me to walk further. All the time the nursing staff carried out checks on me and Dr Renaux visited me. The Clinique itself was small, very clean, and friendly. Within days I was walking with one crutch, and by the time I left ten days later I was walking long distances and was even able to walk round Abbeville with my wife. Hugh and his wife collected us from the Clinique and delivered us back home. Within days I was using a stick rather than the crutch, and after a couple of weeks did not even need the stick. Six weeks after the operation I could walk as far as I wanted and now five months after the operation I am back to doing almost all the things I used to do before. I have no hesitation in recommending Operation France and the Clinique.

Norah Clarke, May 2019

I contacted Hugh at Operation France and arranged for him to visit my home where he explained to me what would be involved in order for me to proceed with a hip replacement abroad. For me it was exactly what I needed. Hugh had a very good long standing relationship with Phillipe Renaux the surgeon who would be performing my operation at the clinic in France and he was able to arrange everything for me. Hugh took care of the paperwork and all the arrangements. I was able to select the date of travel to France.
Hugh collected me from my home and chauffeured me and my husband door to door to the Isabelle Clinique in Abbeyville & on the return journey.
Hugh took away all the stress & concerns regarding travel to the clinic whilst liaising with Dr. Renaux regarding my operation.
I am very grateful to Hugh for the professional way in which he arranged everything.

Alan Chivers, April 2019

I am so pleased with the totally professional services offered and carried out by Hugh and the Clinic in France. From my initial contact with Hugh, through the process of him arranging my appointment in France, to the door to door transfers that he provided, the service he offers is second to none.
As for the services of the Clinic in France, this proved to be an outstanding choice, as the pre-operation, operation and post operation care provided was first class.
My recovery from this surgery has been at least 6 weeks quicker than my previous operation in the UK.
Hugh has also helped with all the paperwork required to enable me to obtain a full refund of the French Clinic’s charges from NHS Europe.
I cannot praise my whole experience any higher and would not hesitate in recommending Hugh’s services to any future clients.

Stephanie from Portsmouth, April 2019

I heard about Operation-France from a friend who had recently returned from having his hip replacement. Having had my other hip replaced 3 years previously, I was aware of the need to replace my right hip, and had already been in contact with the surgeon in the UK. Despite being a private patient I was offered a 6 month wait for available surgery. From the moment I contacted Hugh at Operation-France I was in his system, and the contact/response was extremely efficient. I was offered a date within just over a week. Hugh and his charming wife drove me to France, and Hugh collected me 10 days later. The door-to-door service was impeccable. All arrangements had been taken care of for me.
The surgeon in France employs a minimally invasive technique which results in reduced scarring, minimal muscle impact (also meaning less risk of dislocation), and much faster initial recovery time. After 6-12 months the overall result will probably be the same, but with the French operation it is common for patients to leave hospital walking, albeit slowly, with one stick… which is considerably different to the traditional operation. The clinical staff are excellent, and their grasp of English good. Certainly the surgical staff had very good English so patients who speak no French should not worry. As it is not possible to pop back for follow-up appointments, it is necessary to remain as an inpatient for longer than in the UK (around 10 days in total) in order to take full advantage of the aftercare and physiotherapy. The only negative I experienced was the food, which I suppose is like any institution, and encourages you to recover to return home. Overall I cannot recommend this organisation highly enough.

Nigel from Norfolk, March 2019

After struggling to work and carrying out daily life for a period of 1 year with no help from the NHS I found Operation France after some research on the internet and thanks to Hugh I was booked in for an operation within a few weeks.
My wife came with me and the clinic arranged for another bed in the room including food, for a minimal price. There is a choice of menu, TV with 4 English channels is a charge of 5 Euros per day. I read a few books during our 10 day stay. Please note that there is no shop or café on site, only a vending machine in the reception.
All the staff at the clinic are very friendly and speak very good English. The surgeon has top qualifications with a European reputation doing at least 8 hip and knee replacements per week. He also speaks English.
There is also a free laundry service 3 times a week. Taken in the morning and returned later the same day.
The Clinic St Isabelle in Abbeville is only one hour along the motorway from Calais. We both felt that we were well looked after and everything was well explained, and anything we wanted or ask about was never too much trouble for them.
After our return home I was walking out everyday with a walker for a few days to give me confidence, then a stick, which I discarded after 8 weeks from the op. I am now walking freely with no pain and almost any distance.
Despite many arguments with my GP to the contrary. I am now successfully reclaiming £6800 from the NHS. I will certainly go back for my other knee joint, which is now feeling left out!

Sonia Eldred, March 2019

My experience of having my 2 hips renewed in France was amazing, I had the second one done 6 months after the first one, I had no hesitation in going back as Hugh Phillips makes the journeys so pleasurable & really looks after you in all ways & is a friend to you by the end of it all as we still keep in touch. The hospital, Surgeon Dr. Philiip & staff were wonderful. Physio given everyday & visited by Dr. Philiip everyday also, always reassuring you. They have turned my life around. I am completely fit and walking hills no problems at all, this is just 6 months after the second one. The exercises are IMPORTANT, keep doing them. One very pleased patient.

Dave Myall, February 2019

I would just like to let you know of my of my experience's with operation France. Back in October 2016 I was in need of a total hip replacement not knowing how long I would have to wait on nhs I contacted Hugh from operation France. Within a couple of weeks he had got me booked in for a minimally invasive hip replacement,this procedure is not available on nhs. Hugh made all the arrangements for me regarding picking me up from home and driving me to the hospital in abbeville France. He arrived bang on time on the day of travel and was extremely helpful getting myself and luggage into car. Hugh could not have been more helpful on the trip down stopping anytime I needed a comfort break and coffee. On arrival he made sure I was booked in and everything was ok before leaving. The operation went very well and at the end of two weeks came to pick me up to take me home again right on time and very helpful. In October 2018 I found out I needed the other hip replacing. I had no hesitation contacting operation France again to organise my hip replacement in France. Again everything went smoothly as before. I would have no hesitation recommending operation France to family or friends or anyone else who requires hip or knee replacement surgery. Excellent stress free experience.

Andrew Cuthbert, February 2019

I have recently paid two visits to Clinique Sainte Isabelle in Abbeville under the auspices of Operation-France. On both occasions I had a hip-replacement due to severe osteoarthritis. I found everything about the experience satisfactory. I was picked up from my home and driven to the clinic. Once there I received attentive care from the nursing staff, professional treatment from the radiographer and helpful advice from the physiotherapists. The nursing staff weren’t all fluent in English, but with the help of my very limited French we understood each other. Post-operative monitoring was excellent with regular blood-pressure checks and occasional blood tests. One of these tests revealed that I had bronchitis. I was promptly given a chest X-ray and scan and put on antibiotics. I appreciated the fact that Dr Renaux would pop in most days to check my progress and that he was willing to discuss the procedure with me. I recovered quickly after the first operation and now, a month after the second, I’m well on the way to full mobility, albeit with some residual pain. I would have no hesitation to recommend the clinic to fellow sufferers, particularly as appointments are able to be made fairly swiftly.

Jennifer Stephens, February 2019

I had a very successful hip replacement operation last October at the Clinique St Isabella Abbeville France. All the necessary paperwork was sorted out by Hugh Phillips of Operation France. From the outset he has been the perfect gentleman, very professional, extremely helpful. Hugh even arranged for my husband to accompany me and stay with me at the Clinique. We had door to door chauffeur driven service by Hugh, all needs catered for en route. When we arrived at the Clinique all the staff were so helpful and genuinely cared for both of us. Dr Phillipe Renaux was so approachable, he said ask anything about your treatment, and I’ll explain as simply and clearly as possible. He was there to reassure us every day, excellent service. All staff were professional and gave us the impression that they really cared for our needs . Because of this I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the first Class service provided by Hugh Phillips of Operation France. Well Done.

Frank Larmer, February 2019

Thank you Hugh Phillips, Operation France, for the way in which you organised my hip replacement surgery at Clinique Sainte Isabelle in Abbeville, France.
The information you gave me during my initial investigation was very helpful , and convinced me Operation France was the way to go.
Your due care and attention to the client's needs was excellent, from the chauffer driven service to/from the clinique, my attendance at the clinque and follow up help during my NHS claim was excellent.
Should I need other surgery I would certainly contact Hugh again, and can highly recommend Operation France.

Alan Lever, February 2019

For anyone needing a hip replacement the total solution is Operation France in the care of Hugh Phillips. His service is second to none ,door to door to Abbeville in northern France. The Clinic St Isabelle and surgeon Philip Renaux were marvellous. Any apprehension about the operation was dealt with efficiently and kindly. The nursing staff friendly and caring. The clinic is immaculate and the genial surgeon checked on me every day. I am a lady in my 80's and they all made such a difference to my quality of life. I would not hesitate to use this service again should I need the other hip replaced.

Ian Duffield, February 2019

My operation was carried out by Dr Philippe Renaux at the Saint Isabella Clinic. I am indebted to the surgeon, staff and physio whose care and attention successfully put me back on my feet. I would also like to thank HUGH PHILIPS who took me to France and returned me home, giving me a great deal of care and attention.

Simon Davies, February 2019

Recently Mr. Huw Phillips organised for me a hip replacement at the Clinique Sainte Isabelle in Abbville.
From his initial advice about the correct procedures to follow in the UK, his liaising with the clinic on my behalf, through to organizing my door to door travel everything went smoothly and efficiently.
Mr. Phillips made sure the whole experience was as easy and as pleasant as i could have wished.

Irene Miller, February 2019

What a fantastic service!!
My 88 year old mother from Leicester travelled alone for a second time with Hugh from 'Operation France'.
An absolutely professional , caring and compassionate , door to door service to St Isabelle hospital in Abbeville France.Nothing was too much trouble for Hugh.
Her stay encompassed a total hip replacement and urinary tape operation with two full weeks physiotherapy all for less than a 4 day private hip operation in the UK.
The added bonus was that she was able to claim most of costs back from NHS England.
Post operatively all healed up beautifully with no complications whatsoever.
This service and the staff at St Isabelle come highly recommended as she has had 2 new knees and 2 new hips replaced by Dr Renauyx over the past 20 years.
Thank you Hugh, so much, for this wonderful service and for looking after my Mum.

Linda and Colin Wilshaw, February 2019

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided for my husband Colin. Colin had been diagnosed as needing a hip replacement and was looking at a 2 year wait with the NHS, we were in despair as his was in unbelievable pain and the quality of his life was not good, as he was barely able to walk without excruciating pain. Having been told about your service, Operation France, the whole experience was unbelievable, from the first telephone call, the information we received the personal service you provided was second to none and the speed that you were able to arrange the operation of just 4 weeks.
I accompanied my husband to France, we were chauffeur driven from our house to the hospital in the lap of luxury and looked after like lords. The staff at Clinique Sainte Isabella were brilliant, professional, caring and attentive. The care Colin received pre-op, and post op could not be faulted. The friendly professional nursing staff were the most attentive as was the surgeon, Dr Phillip Renaux (who spoke very good English, as do a good proportion of the nursing staff) who came and discussed Colin recovery progress with us every day we were there. He received Physio every day after the operation and was out of that bone grinding pain immediately after his operation. His recovery was miraculous, and I felt like I had got my husband back again, smiling, laughing and well on the road to recovery.
Our 10 day stay in France was marvelous, the meals (with wine) were an added bonus and were beautifully presented every day. We certainly felt that we were being given a 1st class hotel service, nothing was too much trouble for the staff. Our journey home was equally comfortable and again you were attentive to our needs. I was a little concerned that Colin would need his wound dressing, but it was seamless, with one phone call he was back into the NHS system and the district nursed were out daily to attend to his wound. The aftercare has been provided by the NHS orthopaedic clinics here in Carmarthen, just checking all is healing and working well – which it is and he continues to have 6 monthly checks ups.
The whole experience was faultless and one year on Colin has gone from strength to strength since day one after the operation. I want to say a massive thank you Hugh and Operation France for the wonderful service you are providing. I can only say if anyone has any doubts about taking up this service, I can only say, be reassure, it is a brilliant service from the first point of contact to the journey, through the operation and the recovery, to the return home and the return to a pain free life. Thank you, Hugh and Marion, nothing was too much trouble for you.

Oliver Davies, December 2018

My hip has recovered wonderfully and I feel back to full fitness. I am very glad to have come across your service (through my brother in law) and am grateful to have got it done in a timely way and with such a marvellous surgeon as Philippe Renault!

Sandra Armstrong, July 2018

I traveled in July 2018 with my husband, Hugh & Marianna. We were picked up from our front door & traveled via the tunnel into France. Upon arrival we were shown to our twin en-suite & supplied with a kettle, tea bags sugar & milk. Nothing was too much trouble either for Hugh or the staff at the St Isabelle. Despite our lack of French we always managed to understand each other.
The surgeon & anaesthetist came soon after our arrival to introduce themselves. Bloods were taken & my hip replacement discussed. The following morning after breakfast ( don’t expect cereals!) extensive X-rays were taken & an ECG. I was measured for my post operation support stockings. Lunch was served with wine. Various other tests were done & I was told my placement in the listing.
Pre operation was interesting, I watched the comings & going’s. I was given my epidural, much less stressful than I had thought! In the operating theatre, I was the only one actually breathing into the atmosphere, greatly reducing any risk of infection. I had no ill effects from anaesthetic, I have had bad reactions previously.
The following day I was grateful for my pain killers, but couldn’t say I was in pain, certainly nothing like I had been prior to my hip replacement. Day two after my operation I was up, I cannot even now believe the speed of my recovery. On day three I walked the length of the corridor, and up & down stairs! I was then told to take it easy, & did my exercises & practiced my walking with one crutch.
We traveled home ten days after my new hip I was able to walk pain free to the toilets on route home purely with a stick. I had my stitches out at our GP surgery, the nurse called a student through and said she was unlikely to see anything as tidy again!!
I am delighted to say that 6 weeks & a day later I was back in work. I can wholeheartedly recommend both Operation France & the St Isabelle, together a winning combination!

Terry Foster, January 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hugh Philips from operation France, and also the Clinique St. Isabelle, for the wonderful care for my hip replacement. A big thank you to Orthopaedic Surgeon, Philippe Renaux who kept me well informed.
The clinique was well staffed and clean and the nurses were fantastic. great experience with no hold ups.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your service

John Jones, December 2017

I must express my grateful thanks to Hugh Phillips of Operation France for arranging my replacement hip operation at Clinique St Isabelle, France. The care and consideration that Hugh provided on the door to door service made the journey to and from France a pleasant experience and he kept in touch throughout my stay which was comforting.
At the Clinique the preparation, operation, after care and physio from Orthopaedic Surgeon, Philippe Renaux and his staff was exceptional and contributed to my recovery which was noticeable day by day. I felt so at home there that if they had asked I would have stayed for another two weeks. As it is I have returned home pain free and making progress every day for which I am eternally grateful.
I would highly recommend Hugh Philips and Operation France.

Carey Glyde, December 2017

I underwent my 2nd full knee replacement last March. Both knee replacements were very successful indeed. I would not hesitate in highly recommending the whole experience.
Firstly, and most Importantly, Phillipe Renoux is the best surgeon for knee & hip replacements, he is truly amazing. The after care & recovery was 1st class and the was journey stress free.
My life has turned around both physically & mentally since my knee surgeries thanks to Operation France.

Sonia Eldred, November 2017

I’m writing in regards to my experience in France for my hip replacement At Clinique St. Isabelle, Abbeville. My name is Sonia Eldred from the very first contact with Hugh Phillips of Operation France, has been so impressive, Hugh has been absolutely thorough & wonderful along with Marion his wife who escorted me on the journey out to France, they made sure I was well looked after & made me feel so at ease, as if I had known them for years.
When I arrived at the Clinique they settled me in along with the nurses, I can not fault ALL OF THE NURSING STAFF & other staff were so caring & friendly. Dr Renaux was also a real gentleman & a fantastic surgeon, who came round nearly every day to see you & chat with you. The anaesthetist was also lovely & spoke English better than what he thought he did. The physiotherapists were all very professional & lovely. My only issue was with the food, always plenty just wasn’t quite like our food, but I managed.
The scar is healing well & I am very happy with how I have come on since. I WILL definitely be going back out to have my left hip done as that one is bone on bone to. Would certainly advise anyone to do this, I was told here that I was urgent as I was bone on bone on both hips & in extreme pain & on crutches but would still have to wait 9 months.
So all round a very happy patient.

Linda, October 2017

The best thing that ever happened to made was to be told of Operation France. My pain and suffering was soon a distant memory as I was picked up from my home and transported to the St Isabelle clinique in France (within 4 weeks).
As a lady travelling on my own, to say I was full of apprehension, would be an understatement. I needn't have worried as I was in very capable hands from the moment the operation was arranged and me being picked up from my home, to then being handed over to Dr P Renaux in France. The care at the clinic was second to none and, after two weeks, I walked out of there unaided and have never used crutches.
The icing on the cake was when Hugh, of Operation France, made me aware of the cross border agreement which entailed seeking approval from the NHS to have the operation subsidised via a PAR (pre authorisation request ). This was duly undertaken and within 2 weeks of my return, there was a cheque from the NHS in the post!!
It goes without saying that if the other hip needs replacing, I know what I'll be doing.

Rosemary McLoughlin, September 2017

For a few years I had been experiencing pain and limitation of movement in my left hip to the point I began to feel really old and unable to enjoy doing anything any more. The hospital consultant confirmed that I was bone on bone and that the only solution would be a total hip replacement. I was also told that I may have to wait about 18 months before having the surgery.
I went on line and happened upon Operation France and within a few days was offered a date for the operation.
I cannot recommend Clinique St Isabelle more highly and their care was second to none. Despite the fact that I was an extremely nervous patient everything was explained clearly and I felt very safe. There was such effective pain control that I can't recall having any real pain at all.I had been dreading the spinal anaesthetic but didn't feel a thing.
My 14 day experience in the Clinique was more like a holiday than the harrowing experience that I was expecting and I will without a doubt return there to have my other hip done.

Janet Topping, Essex, April 2016

Eight years ago I went to Clinic St Isabelle to have my right hip operated on. As this was such a good operation I decided to have my left hip done in the same place. In fact my doctor asked me if I could go back to the same Clinique.
The service I received from Operation France was impeccable and the kind and thoughtful way I was treated on the journey by Hugh and Marianne, his wife, was second to none. The operation, after care, physio-theraphy and above all, thoughtful, professional and caring nurses make it a no brainer.. I would not like to return home after a few days, as is the practice in England. My confidence was built up over the two week period and progress is noticeable daily.
If I had a third leg and the hip went I would have no hesitation in going back to France with full confidence that my recovery would be full and complete.
Once again, thank you Operation France, Clinic St Isabelle and M. Renaux, the surgeon, for making my hip operation a complete success.

Lloyd Northcott, Calgary, February 2016

We flew back to Calgary yesterday, a full 30 days after the surgery and then some. Grace is doing very well. She does some dance steps now to show off her new hip. She walks around the house and garden normally. For longer walks she takes the walking sticks and then she has gone for hours.
So now I expect others will be asking us how we did this. I am happy to recommend that they contact you at Operation France. The best arrangement from Calgary is a direct flight, the daily Air Canada flight to London Heathrow arriving at 10 am. Using the wheel chair service a person can be delivered to the arrivals lounge, with their luggage, even if they are disabled.
I will be suggesting that a companion who can share a room and help with bandages and mobility is desireable but not essential. Perhaps some will travel alone.
I appreciate your good offices and hope you might be able to help a few more people from Calgary.

Janis Rafferty, Ireland, January 2016

After months of trying steroid injections for severe hip pain, I was finally referred to a consultant surgeon in November 2015, who recommended two hip replacements. However the waiting list in Ireland is one to two years, or a private operation with a wait of three months and a cost of € 15,000 per hip. After some online research I found Operation France, and the first operation was booked for January 4th 2016.
I was staying in London for Christmas so met Hugh en-route to the channel tunnel and we arrived at the Clinique two hours later on Saturday. After meeting Dr.Renaux and the anaesthetist on the Sunday, blood tests, x-rays etc, the operation went ahead on the Monday.
I would not hesitate to recommend the Clinique and Operation France. The standard of medical care and facilities at the hospital are excellent. Dr.Renaux and all the staff were delightful and highly professional, and I am very satisfied with the result - hopefully travelling back to France for the second hip in the Autumn. One negative comment I have is that the food could be improved! However there is a good supermarket next door to the Clinique if you have a helper to bring in some goodies!

Richard Belini Davies, Baglan South Wales, April 2015

Just a note with a massive thank you. Your Company, "Operation France" deserve all the accolades for a 5+ Star service.
April, 2015 is a time which will be imprinted in my brain forever.
My right Knee happened to be in a very sorry state. The movement of the joint was deteriorating quite alarmingly. With the pain becoming a constant 24 hour duration Originally, from what seemed to be a manageable "limp" to, all of a sudden, having to rely on a walking stick when attempting any walking in case the leg would give out. My knee was absolutely "shot to pieces" Seemed to have happened during such a short space of time. Been under the NHS for 3+ years and my Specialist had recommended that I have a new replacement knee operation between 6 to 9 months time (probably towards the end of 2015). This was just not acceptable.
So, moving forward, did my "in-depth" research, looking at what the NHS could offer. Then, after what seemed an age and further investigation, the following "little gem" came to light; "Operation France".
I read all the Company had to offer. Their "Portfolio" seemed to be the answer and boy, it was the answer!! Tried to keep the following list of advantages to a minimum ie;

  • Door to door service
  • 5+ star travel arrangements leaving no room for poor standards
  • Very experienced "Operation France Team" looking after you for the entire period under their wing
  • As many breaks/stops as necessary on the journey to/from France
  • On arrival at the "Clinique", all the required paperwork expertly handled by my Operation France Team,even the Wi-Fi and English Television
  • Arrived on the Monday, Operation on the Wednesday
  • Intense physiotherapy and nursing care for the remainder of my stay
  • Travel home on the Sunday with just one walking stick (after climbing/descending the hospital stairs)

All I can say, on behalf of myself and my entire family is the biggest "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. Although I still have some way to go with physiotherapy, "Operation France" have done a magnificent job.

Richard Belini Davies - MD
Oil/Gas Mechanical Engineer
Belini Engineering Tech Services Ltd.

Shirley, Southall London, April 2015

I would like to say a huge thank you to Hugh and Lisa for their professional help in aiding my sister and I to go to France for my knee operation at St Isabelle Clinique. The door to door service was excellent and they are always at the end of the phone if needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Operation France to anyone needing their services; you are in safe hands!

Thank you Hugh and Lisa.

Jean Glyde, Newport Gwent, February 2015

I did not hesitate to contact Hugh & Lisa when I needed a hip replacement in Feb. 2015.
My husband had returned from France 18 mths ago after been given a new lease of life when he underwent surgery for knee replacement carried out by Phillippe Renaux at Abbeville Clinic. Our G.P. has shown his Xrays to medical students as an example of excellent surgery.
I explained to Hugh how desperate (severe pain) I needed a new hip and was delighted how quickly they responded & transported me to the Clinic, the friendly care, comfort, refreshments made the journey a pleasure trip.
My operation is a complete success, walking immediately without pain was so wonderful!!! A few stitches was left in for the journey home a NHS nurse who removed them wanted to photograph my scar it was so perfect she said.
We cannot put into words how grateful we both are, especially to Phillippe he is a remarkable hip & knee skilled surgeon who has transformed our lives.

"What Luck" my husband overheard a conversation about Operation France and decided to contact them.

Val Boughey, Manorbier Pembrokshire, November 2014

The transport to and from Abbeville was excellent.
The hospital treatment was first class and we were very satisfied with the entire procedure. The operation was successful and the staff excellent.

Sandra Forrest, July 2013

We would like to say thank you to yourself and Hugh for making the whole 'hip replacement' experience for my mother better than we could have expected and for your kindness. I hope you had a good journey home and it wasn't too arduous. My mother is better today though a bit tired and expresses her thanks to you.

Again thanks very much for the excellent service

Hilda Neville, July 2013

Hope you and your colleagues are still doing a good job escorting people over to France for Dr. Renaux to do a wonderful job on replacing hips. I can't speak highly enough of the care he gave me especially as it involved a far bigger operation than expected. Thank you again for your service, keep on doing a great job.

Pamela Maher, Cornwall, July 2013

I went to see the Doc this week (found a tiny nasty on my leg, which needs dealing with) and trotted in to be greeted with "Cor, look at ‘er"!!!! The physio reckons I am 3 months ahead of expectations.
I cannot speak too highly of the treatment I had from both Operation France, and from Ste Isabelle. You and Hugh not only managed to be efficient in everything, but humane as well - you both really looked after me, from start to finish.
My friends and neighbours are quite confounded at the whole thing. Even the Physio, who was at first a bit "off" about it, said "It really has been a good option, and you have profited from it" I hope I won’t have to do it again, but I certainly would without any qualms, and I have said to various people that if they wanted to do it, but were worried about the language, I would cheerfully go with them as a gofer!!

Steve Charles, Brighton & Hove, June 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my Mums trip to France for her hip surgery. She felt she was treated by your company as a person and not simply a pound sign. The level of personal service offered by you and Lisa goes a long way to reassuring your Clients. She is now back at home looking after her dog too! My Mum feels such a relief to have left so much pain behind in France. Obviously we will pass your name on to any interested parties. Once again thank you and take care.

Joan Millard, May 2012

One of the reasons I chose to go to France was because I would be picked up at the door and dropped back at the door and also the extra days in hospital to recover and this lived up to expectations.
You and Hugh did your very best to make sure my journey was comfortable If I have to have my other hip replaced I would certainly give you a ring.

Joan Negus, May 2012

This is just to thank you for the professionalism that Hugh and Lisa showed in Operation France. You were always there to help if we needed it and we certainly couldn't fault your dealings with us.
I will certainly be very happy to spread the word should the occasion arise.

Helen Jones, May 2012

I am doing very well, walking is great really back to normal, it is such a treat to go out for a walk with the dog and not feel as though you need stretchered back.
I was very impressed with your transport arrangements.... you both were very cheerful and helpful, and made a worrying time less stressful.

E. Bailey, Portsmouth, February 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my Mums trip to France for her hip surgery. She felt she was treated by your company as a person and not simply a pound sign. The level of personal service offered by you and Lisa goes a long way to reassuring your Clients. She is now back at home looking after her dog too! My Mum feels such a relief to have left so much pain behind in France. Obviously we will pass your name on to any interested parties. Once again thank you and take care.

David Parry-Williams, February 2012

I had been aware of Operation France for some time and when it was confirmed that I needed a hip replacement I contacted them regarding their service. My hip deteriorated rapidly and so I requested a medical questionnaire, which I received by email within an hour or so. I completed the form and returned it the same day.
Within the week I was offered a date for the operation together with dates and times of departure from home and from the clinic.
On the 24th February 2012 I was collected by Hugh. We stopped for breakfast on route and was told that they would stop as and when I needed a break.
We stopped for lunch on the outskirts of Abbeville before arriving at the clinic between 2 and 2.30pm. Hugh saw me to my room and before they left introduced me to a lady from North Wales whom they had taken to the clinic 3 days earlier and had undergone surgery the previous day. Everything went according to plan at the clinic and I received some text messages fromOperation France during my stay and then a phone call to confirm the arrangements for the return journey.
The service was exceptional and would unreservedly recommend Operation France to anyone.

Margaret Burgess, Herts., February 2012

I am extremely glad to have had the hip replacement, having been very anxious about it as I had been told by my GP that there was no money in the NHS for hip replacements, and mine was not bad enough anyway. It did not feel like that to me!
A physiotherapist I saw said I needed the operation, so it was a relief to find Operation France, who answered all my queries and efficiently organised my visit to the Ste. Isabelle Clinique. Being driven there and back with my husband, who stayed with me, made it all very easy and friendly and it was very helpful to be able to choose the date when I wanted to go.
The nursing was excellent, and Dr. Renaux was always ready to inform and reassure me if I had any query. Staying in hospital for 12 days after the operation, instead of only 3 or 4 days as in England, meant that I was walking with only a stick when I came home and hardly had to use crutches at all!

Denis, Llanstefan, Camarthenshire January 2012

In June 2011 it became necessary for me to have a hip replacement operation. The waiting list at my local NHS Hospital was 16 months, and so I investigated having the operation performed in France. I found details of OPERATIONFRANCE on my computer and got in touch with them. Mr Philips gave me full and clear details of the organization, and I agreed to the terms.
I was extremely happy with the service offered by OPERATION-FRANCE, which was courteous and extremely helpful. I was picked up at my home, at 6.30 a.m. on June 1st and driven to CLINIQUE SAINTE ISABELLE in Abbeville, France arriving there at 2 p.m. The drive was very comfortable and there were suitable stops for refreshments. On arrival, Mr. Philips introduced me to Dr. Philippe Renaux, a very welcoming and kindly man who was to do the operation, he explained the whole procedure and was very reassuring.
The room I had was comfortable, and all members of the nursing staff were extremely kind and caring. Two weeks later Mr Philips of OPERATIONFRANCE picked me up at 2 p.m. for the return journey home depositing me at my front door at 7 p.m. that evening.
I was extremely happy with the service I received from OPERATION-FRANCE and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is considering travelling to France for surgery. I also commend Clinique Sainte Isabelle, whole-heartedly.

Joyce O'Grady, December 2011

I had a hip replacement done at the Clinique Sainte Isabelle during December 2003. My highest compliment is that I returned to have the other hip done in December 2011.
I wish to thank Operation France for their first class service. To be picked up and taken to France - no hassle, everything done - waited on hand and foot and pleasant company, I can’t fault that.
After arriving at the Clinique, you stayed while I was settled in and during the stay you phoned to see how I was getting on and if there were any problems. Even after bringing me home you again phoned to check to see how I was.
Excellent can’t praise you highly enough THANK YOU!
Dr Philippe Renaux is in my opinion among the best in his field, as well as being a charming person. The staff at the Clinique are the best, every one of them being so caring and cheerful and stressed that if there was ANYTHING I wanted, just please ask, each and everyone of them EXCELLENT.

John Murtland, December 2011

Needing a new knee quickly, a friend found Operation France on the Internet for me. Hugh made all the necessary arrangements extremely quickly (unlike British hospitals) and at a date to suit myself. All went well, I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks (unlike the 4 days in Britain), having all the physiotherapy, exercises and being monitored daily by Dr. Renaux as to my progress.
Everything went extremely smoothly and I would thoroughly recommend Operation France and the Clinique Sainte Isabelle to anybody for knee and hip operations.
It is now 6 weeks since my operation and I am now driving, playing bowls and gardening with no pain.

Margaret Murray, May 2011

I am a 63 year old woman who weighs 18st 10lb. I applied to the NHS for a hip replacement and was told I was too fat. I contacted Operation France and and a nice man called Hugh called me. This phone call changed my life completely.
I filled in a medical questionnaire and within a few days was excepted for the operation. The service received from this company was second to none. I was picked up at my front door taken to the Clinique St. Isabelle in Abbeville France. At the clinic everything was done to make my admittance easy. I had my own room and within an hour of arriving they had done an xray, blood tests and an ECG. The surgeon Dr Reneaux came to see me that day. The anaesthetist came the following morning and it was all systems go. The care and attention your receive both before and after the operation is second to none. The clinic is spotlessly clean so no chance of any germs. You can if you wish take someone with you. I went on my own and was a bit apprehensive about this but the care and attention I received was excellent. Dr Reneaux came to see me every day after the operation and answered all my questions. He is a wonderful man who has transformed my life. The dedication that the nurses and doctors give to their patients puts our NHS to shame. I would have no hesitation in going back if I needed any other operations.

Faye Fearnside, April 2011

I had my right hip most successfully replaced three years ago at the Clinique St Isabelle, and when last year it became necessary to have the left one operated on, my own GP had no hesitation in recommending that I once again travel to France - despite the fact I was being offered the same operation on the NHS.
My recovery this time was even more impressive! I was walking unaided less than a week after the operation and had no need of crutches or walking stick when I got home. I was back at the gym and swimming again within 6 weeks.....everyone was quite amazed! The quick recovery was one of the main reasons I chose to go back to Dr Renaux, but the door to door service offered by Operation France just makes it so practical. It's the icing on the cake!
I have two very small scars, which are not even noticeable when wearing a bikini . I have a friend who is still using crutches 12 weeks after the same operation here. I rest my case. Dr Renaux works miracles and I am so grateful.

John Humphries, June 2010

Operation France is a good company with friendly, efficient and reliable service. They looked after my wife and I and took the hassle and anxiety out of the trip. Having had a complete hip replacement, it was a relief to have a speedy and effective end to the pain - rather than months of agony while waiting for the NHS. The hospital staff, nurses and the surgeon were welcoming and all provided a first-class service. Upon returning to the UK, even my GP expressed admiration for the quality of the surgeons' work.

C A Garner, June 2008

... a huge ‘thank you’ for the successful operation which you performed in April, giving me a new right hip. C’est magnifique!
I have NO PAIN, and amazingly my knee no longer hurts. I had thought that I would have to return for a new knee in 6 months time, but it will not be necessary. I was so impressed with Clinique St. Isabelle, I have told everyone about you and your team. Thanks you all so much – I feel reborn!

A Madden, October 2008

A very big thanks you for making my Christmas come true – my new hip is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

M Copping,

Absolutely amazed at my recovery, no pain except when I’ve been in the garden for a couple of hours working, and then only a dull ache. Wonderful to have my life back, really very grateful – Thank you.

M Cosgrove, May 2008

The operation was a SUCCESS. I just want you to know that my knee is PERFECT. Sincerest thanks for what you did, you are a credit to your profession and to your country.

M Carling, May 2008

May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you and all your staff at your clinic for your care. Your skill is amazing and all your staff are very kind.

S Randles, September 2008

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my knee replacement surgery performed earlier this year. The scar is very neat and the treatment I received was second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone requiring this kind of surgery. My thanks to you and all the staff at Clinique Sainte Isabelle.

C Blythe, May 2007

The new hip joint you gave me in May is working very well – it is so good to be pain free.

How Operation France helped arrange a hip replacement for Dennis Comey

Click the video above to see how Operation France helped arrange a hip replacement for Dennis Comey

Hugh Philips of Operation France with the world renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Renaux

Hugh Philips of Operation France with the world renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Renaux